Turf Village, Zimplats-Ngezi Mine, Zimbabwe

Searlcom was awarded Phase One of Turf Village on 22nd August 2005. Our mission - to construct 66 one-bedroomed, 69 two-bedroomed and 46 three-bedroomed precast-concrete modular houses. This initial phase of 181 houses was successfully completed and, based upon our performance, Zimplats negotiated a new contract with us for the construction of the next interim phase of Turf Village. This comprised 20 one-bedroomed, 20 two-bedroomed, 10 three-bedroomed houses, 56 domestic quarters and one pre-primary school. Searlcom then tendered for and was awarded Phase Two of Turf Village. This phase entailed the construction of 306 one-bedroomed, 152 two-bedroomed, 191 three-bedroomed and 191 domestic quarters. This phase was, once again, successfully completed and handed over in its entirety to Zimplats in March 2010.